Freelancer Program

People are busy applying for jobs, but no one is talking about freelancers

Iam Prashant

I’m 19, a student and an undergraduate, and I’ve mentored over 100+ aspirants in different fields, how do I know this much? Is this a scam? Absolutely not, I’m an excellent researcher and good learner. so below i have added bunch of all the things about this mentoring so kindly read everything before joining this prime programĀ have attached a list of everything you need to know about this mentoring program, so please read it all before signing up

End to End Program outline

Kindly do read all the information below, before you signup

Everything you need to know about the Program! Making it more simpler

-This is not an course its an Live session on googlemeet with me. once you fill the form and complete the payment process one of our team member will get in touch with you and schedule our meeting.

Why Live? As opposed to creating a course and ending up with lots of confusion, it will be more comfortable to teach all the things and ask questions live

It’s not just about freelancing, but also about how to appear bold in your field and how to get clients and jobs. Additionally, if you think you will get opportunities as a freelancer, you are mistaken. Freelancers create opportunities rather than waiting for them.

In addition, you’ll get my personal Whatsapp number, so you can ask me any type of question, and once the session is complete, you’ll be added to a private room where only freelancers are allowed to communicate. And everything is not overnight it takes bit time to apply and work for you.

-Resume modification, Network building, portfolio creation and Personality development (Optional)

-There is no refund because I am going to teach you the secrets to crack this on how to get it to work for you, so please do not waste our time and yours because we as freelancers are always busy with work and clients.

Freelance expertise I provide include Datascience, social media management, business analysts, content creators, graphic designers, brand ambassadors, Mind coaches, personality development, and more.

Who can join this

Freelancers dont get opportunity, rather they create opportunity



Freshers no matter what field they are in and want to get into freelancing are welcome here

By working part-time/full-time, you can become a freelancer. As a side hustle, earn side income



You can join this program if you just want to learn how freelancing works? Getting clients and more