Employee Privacy and Policy

Dear Lizefly Team Member,

Lizefly is a Non-Profit community initiative that thrives without formal registration or external funding. We’re driven by our shared passion, not financial support.

Where collaboration and support thrive. To ensure a harmonious work environment, here are our key policies:

Employment: Enjoy the flexibility of at-will employment.

Confidentiality: Safeguard our community’s trust by signing our Form.

Conduct: Embrace respect and professionalism in all interactions.

Compensation and Benefits: Details in your offer letter, plus comprehensive benefits.

Work Expectations: Meet performance standards and explore remote work with approval.

Data Security: Protect sensitive information through strict protocols.

Termination and Resignation: Resign with [notice period] days’ notice. Termination may occur as necessary.

Policy Amendments: Stay informed about policy updates.

Reporting Violations: Ensure our Lizefly integrity by reporting misconduct.

Compliance: Adhere to legal and ethical standards.

Your commitment to these policies fosters a nurturing and positive Team member.

Warm regards,


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